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Highly Efficient Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant With Horizontal Cement Silo

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Highly Efficient  Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant With Horizontal Cement Silo
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Mixer Power: 2×37kw
Cement Weighing Range: 600-1500kg
Water Weighing Range: 200-600kg
Max. Aggregate Size: 60mm
Discharging Height: 3.8m
Total Power: 90kw
Aggregate Bin Volume: 4×7m³
Mixer Type: Twin-shaft Forced Mixer
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Horizontal Silo Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant


Horizontal Silo Stabilized Soil Mixing Station


Highly Efficient Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

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Packaging Details: Bare Packing
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: deposit, full payment before shipment
Supply Ability: 1-100 units/month
Product Description

Product Description:

Soil Cement Mixing Plant is a professional road construction equipment used for the production of stabilized soil and lime-stabilized soil. It is widely used in the construction of highways, high-speed railways, airports, docks, dams, and other infrastructure. Soil Cement Mixing Plant is characterized by large capacity, uniform mixing, reliable performance and stable operation. It can meet the requirements of different construction projects and provide customers with high-quality and efficient construction solutions.


Introduction of the Stabilized soil mixing plant with vertical cement silo:

WDJ Series Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant is adapted to mix the basic materials for ordinary highways, high-grade highways, expressways, high-speed railroads and urban roads, sports fields, airports, etc. (According to the requirements of raw materials)

The machine's aggregate batching system and powder supply system adopt the domestic advanced computerized frequency-controlled belt weigher and spiral electronic weigher respectively. The computer belt weigher controls the speed of the belt weigher through its own load sensor and frequency converter, so as to realize continuous automatic quantitative feeding by a single machine. When the material proportioning needs to be changed, the operator only needs to adjust the proportioning value on its industrial control mainframe according to the adjusted proportioning amount of a certain material, and the computer belt weigher can then automatically quantitatively feed or batch the material, with simple operation and high metering accuracy.

The mixer with double motors and double reducers is continuous forced double horizontal shaft mixing, two mixing shafts equipped with cross slurry sheet, parallel and reversing each other, so that various kinds of stabilized soil materials with particle size less than 60mm can be fully mixed, the slurry sheet of the mixing shaft is made of high strength wear-resistant material, with long working life and easy to replace.

The machine is arranged in one-line or right-angle shape, with compact structure, reasonable arrangement and easy observation. Its control adopts centralized control and manual sequence start and stop.


Introduction of the Stabilized soil mixing plant with horizontal cement silo :

Cement silo is free from foundation and easy to install. Horizontal cement silo is composed of several legs, lower cone, silo body, feeding pipe, climbing ladder, safety explosion-proof valve, gravity dispersion, only need to harden below the horizontal cement tank can be placed and used, eliminating the trouble of making foundation and pre-burial, saving time and effort, low height and wide application.

The horizontal cement silo discharge cone is square cone, the silo body is corrugated board and profile framework welded together, and for vertical cement tanks, even the small tonnage of 50 tons of cement silo installed height is nearly 9 meters, while the overall height of horizontal cement tanks is low, especially suitable for use in the plant, and installation does not require the removal of plant roof. No need to do external encapsulation, saving cost. The horizontal cement tank has high strength and good airtightness, and because of the low height, it eliminates the need to do external encapsulation, which greatly saves the cost of use.


Technical Parameters:

Specification parameters.

WDJ300.400.500.600.700.800 type stabilized soil mixing plant main performance parameters:


Parameter Model WDJ300 WDJ400 WDJ500 WDJ600 WDJ700 WDJ800
Productivity 300t/h 400t/h 500t/h 600t/h 700t/h 800t/h
Measuring method Computerized Computerized Computerized Computerized Computerized Computerized
Adjustment method Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control
Control mode automatic automatic automatic automatic automatic automatic
Weighing accuracy (aggregate) ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Weighing accuracy (powder) ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Main motor power 37KW 45KW 60KW 75KW 90KW 110KW
Total Weight 24t 24t 27t 27t 30t 30t
Total power 115KW 125KW 140KW 155KW 180KW 200KW



Product configuration:

1, Batching supply system: dividing hopper, speed-controlled frequency-controlled metering belt machine, belt conveyor.

2, Cement material supply system: cement silo (cement hopper), speed-controlled variable frequency metering impeller feeder, spiral electronic weighing conveyor.

3, Automatic water supply system: pressure tank, submersible pump, pipeline, pressure reducing valve, water flow meter, water sprinkler.

4, Mixing system: motor reducer, double horizontal shaft continuous mixer.

5, Storage bin device system: double discharge storage bin, inclined belt machine, air compressor.

6, Electrical system: operation control cabinet, operation room.

7, Measuring control system: Adopt domestic famous manufacturer electronic parts, frequency conversion speed control, microcomputer control manual and automatic two forms. This machine is equipped with bulk cement silo, (including screw conveyor). For bagged cement hopper, it can be equipped with another device according to the user's needs.



The soil cement mixing plant is a perfect stabilized soil batching station, providing an efficient and reliable way to mix soil and cement for building purposes. The station is designed to mix soil and cement quickly and accurately. It is also designed for easy installation and maintenance, with a user-friendly operation and high-efficiency mixing. The station can be used for a variety of construction projects, including highway, railway, bridge, and airport construction.

The soil cement mixing station is an ideal choice for constructing strong and stable roads, highways, airports, and other infrastructure. With its high-efficiency mixing, user-friendly operation, and easy installation and maintenance, the station offers a reliable and efficient solution for mixing soil and cement. It ensures a strong and stable base for building, and is suitable for a wide range of construction projects.


Support and Services:

Soil Cement Mixing Plant offers comprehensive technical support and service for its products. Our dedicated engineers and technicians are available to provide assistance with design, installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting, either on-site or remotely. Our service team can provide tailored maintenance and repair services to keep your Soil Cement Mixing Plant running optimally. We also offer spare parts for all of our products, ensuring that you have the parts you need when you need them.



Q&A about Soil Cement Mixing Plant

Q1: What is a Soil Cement Mixing Plant?
A1: Soil Cement Mixing Plant is a kind of machinery that can mix soil, cement, and other additives into a homogeneous mixture for construction use.

Q2: What are the components of Soil Cement Mixing Plant?
A2: The components of Soil Cement Mixing Plant include cement silo, aggregate batching machine, cement weighing hopper, mixer unit, and dust collector.

Q3: What are the advantages of Soil Cement Mixing Plant?
A3: Soil Cement Mixing Plant is energy-saving, high efficiency, cost-effective, and easy to install and operate.

Q4: What is the output of the Soil Cement Mixing Plant?
A4: The output of the Soil Cement Mixing Plant can reach 20-30 t/h depending on the model selected.

Q5: Does the Soil Cement Mixing Plant need to be calibrated?
A5: Yes, the Soil Cement Mixing Plant needs to be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure its accuracy and efficiency.

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