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Highway Construction Water Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant On Site Batching Plant

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Highway Construction Water Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant On Site Batching Plant
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Dust Collector: Bag-type Dust Collector
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy: ±2%
Mixing Cycle: 60s
Discharging Height: ≤3.8m
Mixer Type: Twin-shaft Forced Concrete Mixer
Cement Weighing Accuracy: ±1%
Weight: ≤50t
Control System: PLC
High Light:

Highway Construction Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant


Water Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant


Highway Construction on site batching plant

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beian
Model Number: WDJ300/WDJ400/WDJ500/WDJ600/WDJ700/WDJ800
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Bare Packing
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: deposit, full payment before shipment
Supply Ability: 1-100 units/month
Product Description

110KW Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant for Highway Construction Discharging Height ≤3.8m

Product Description:

WDJ series stabilized soil mixing plant is a complete set of special equipment designed for the continuous mixing of road base material. By absorbing the advantages of continuous stabilized soil mixing plant from China and abroad, our company has developed it.

Moreover, WBZ series stabilized soil mixing plant and graded gravel mixing plant are also offered with a competitive price. Our company has developed and created these special mixing equipment to meet the construction needs of grass-roots materials.

It can be used in producing cement stabilized sand and gravel, grey soil stabilized base material, compressible concrete and other grass-roots materials using various raw materials like lime, slaked lime (water content in 10-15%), soil, sand and gravel, fly ash, cement and so on. With accurate proportions and even mixing, the materials produced can meet the construction requirements.



  • Product Name: Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
  • Weight: ≤50t
  • Discharging Height: ≤3.8m
  • Total Power: ≤200KW
  • Control System: PLC
  • Additive Weighing Accuracy: ±1%
  • Suitable for construction of high-grade highways and roads
  • High-efficiency, low-cost and stable quality of construction
  • Highly automated, stable and reliable performance

Technical Parameters:

WDJ300.400.500.600.700.800 type stabilized soil mixing plant main performance parameters:


Parameter Model WDJ300 WDJ400 WDJ500 WDJ600 WDJ700 WDJ800
Productivity 300t/h 400t/h 500t/h 600t/h 700t/h 800t/h
Measuring method Computerized Computerized Computerized Computerized Computerized Computerized
Adjustment method Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control Variable frequency speed control
Control mode automatic automatic automatic automatic automatic automatic
Weighing accuracy (aggregate) ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Weighing accuracy (powder) ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Main motor power 37KW 45KW 60KW 75KW 90KW 110KW
Total Weight 24t 24t 27t 27t 30t 30t
Total power 115KW 125KW 140KW 155KW 180KW 200KW


WDJ600 D type computer measured and frequency speed controlled stabilized soil mixing plant sub-configuration table


No. Part Name Specification Model Quantity Place of Origin Remarks
1 Complete machine
  • Rated production capacity:100~600t/h of sand and gravel
  • Total power:240KW
  • Maximum grain size of mixing aggregate:60mm
  • Measuring accuracy of aggregate:±0.5-1%
  • Measuring accuracy of powder material:±0.5-1%

6,Assembly form: detachable type

7, Area:50m*15m

8 Configuration:Four hoppers and two bins (double motor secondary mixing superposition type)

Aggregate hopper, finished bin iron plate adopts 5mm,;flat belt machine, inclined belt machine channel steel adopts 18;aggregate hopper, mixer legs adopts 20 I-beam,. Flat belt and inclined belt adopt nylon belt.





Aggregate batching system


Aggregate hopper 12m³ iron plate using 5mm 4 Beian,Shandong

Combination type: Single bin composition

Hopper width: 3300mm

Vibrator 1.1KW 4 Henan Xinxiang
Grid screen


Grid-reinforced screen


4 Beian,Shandong
Belt scale Weighing accuracy ±0.5-1% 4 Beian,Shandong
Belt scale drum 4KW 4



Pressure sensor 150Kg 4 Bengbu Anhui
Belt scale carrier rollers φ89×1080 1set Beian,Shandong
Belt scale carrier roller φ89×1040 1set Beian,Shandong
Pressure belt pulley   1 Beian ,Shandong
Dosing belt machine Frame channel steel [18 1 Beian ,Shandong
Motorized pulley 50100-15KW-2.5 1 Beian ,Shandong
Ring flat belt 1000×5-47.5m nylon belt 1 Hebei
Belt machine carrier rollers φ89×375 1 set Beian ,Shandong
Belt machine carrier rollers φ89×1150 1 set Beian ,Shandong
Vertical stick   1 set Beian ,Shandong
3 Powder supply system Feeding system Powder bin 80—100T 2 Beian ,Shandong  
Dust removal None   optional
Gate valve 800×800 2 Beian ,Shandong
Gate valve hand wheel 320 4 Beian ,Shandong
Screw conveyor φ325×2700mm 2 Beian ,Shandong
Spiral motor 5.5KW 2 Beian ,Shandong
Steel wire rope φ6-10m 2 Beian ,Shandong
Cloth bag φ325 4 Beian ,Shandong
Spiral electronic scale Φ325×1400mm 2 Beian ,Shandong
Electronic weighing motor 4KW 2 Beian ,Shandong
Current tension sensor 500Kg 2



4 Operation room Control room   1 Beian ,Shandong

Control mode:

Computer control


LED light   1 Beian ,Shandong
Air conditioner 1HP (cooling and heating type) 1  
socket   1 famous brand
5 water supply system submersible pump 2.2KW 1 Zibo , Shandong water control mode: frequency regulation
Water pump flow 40m³/h 1 Beian , Shandong
Pipelines and fittings   1 Weifang, Shandong
6 Mixing device Mixer   2 Beian , Shandong

machine type:

Double horizontal shaft strong

Continuous type

Double motor 37KW 4 motor
Blade High manganese alloy wear-resistant material 60*2 Weifang, Shandong
Speed reducer ZLY180 4 Zibo, Shandong
7 Storage device Inclined belt machine

Installation inclination Q=18°

Frame channel :steel [18

1 Beian , Shandong

Hopper door drive

Method: Pneumatic


storage bin

Unloading hight:3700mm

electric drive drum 50100-18.5KW-2.5 1 Zibo, Shandong
Annular flat belt 1000×4-38m nylon belt 1 Hebei
Belt machine carrier rollers φ89×375 1 set Beian , Shandong
Belt machine carrier rollers φ89×1150 1set Beian , Shandong
Vertical roll   1set Beian , Shandong
Final storage bin 8m³ (stacked) iron plate using 5mm 1 Beian , Shandong
Vibrator 1.1KW 1 Xinxiang, Henan
8 Air circuit system Solenoid valve 4V310 2 Zhejiang  
Motor Y132S1-2-5.5KWB3 1 Beian ,Shandong
Air compressor 0.67/7-5.5KW 1  
Air cylinder 100×250 4  
9 Electrical control system Electrical components   1 Chint Dexie

Electrical components can be optional

Adopt 485 communication connection

Control system   1 Beian , Shandong
Computer host   1 Lenovo
Monitor   1 Lenovo
Inverter 3.7kw 5 Hai Li Pu
Inverter 5.5kw 2 Hai Li Pu
11 Attachments Special tools   1 Beian ,Shandong  
user guide   1 Beian ,Shandong
Certificate of Conformity   1 Beian ,Shandong

Note: 1 Due to technical improvement,the origin of purchased parts and the model of technical parameters may be changed, but the functions are not worse than the existing ones;

2 The buyer needs to prepare the following facilities: the concrete foundation of the mixing station, the power supply to the power distribution cabinet of the mixing station and the water storage source of the mixing station; the mechanical oil required for the equipment, and the necessary lightning protection system in the mixing station.



Product Configuration:

1,Batching Supply System: It includes a Divided Hopper, Speed-Controlled Frequency-Controlled Metering Belt Machine, and a Belt Conveyor.

2,Cement Material Supply System: Components include a Cement Silo or Cement Hopper, Speed-Controlled Variable Frequency Metering Impeller Feeder, and a Spiral Electronic Weighing Conveyor.

3,Automatic Water Supply System: This is made up of a Pressure Tank, Submersible Pump, Pipeline, Pressure Reducing Valve, Water Flow Meter, and a Water Sprinkler.

4,Mixing System: This includes a Motor Reducer and a Double Horizontal Shaft Continuous Mixer.

5,Storage Bin Device System: This has a Double Discharge Storage Bin, an Inclined Belt Machine, and an Air Compressor.

6,Electrical System: It consists of an Operation Control Cabinet and an Operation Room.

7,Measuring Control System: Top-quality Electronic Parts with a Frequency Conversion Speed Control and a Microcomputer Control for both Manual and Automatic forms. This machine also has a Bulk Cement Silo (including a Screw Conveyor). For Bagged Cement Hopper, another device can be equipped if needed by the user.



The Beian WDJ300/WDJ400/WDJ500/WDJ600/WDJ700/WDJ800 Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant is a reliable and efficient piece of equipment for producing high quality, stabilized soil. It is suitable for a variety of applications, such as road and bridge construction, excavation, earthwork and other engineering projects. This stabilized soil batching plant features a discharging height of ≤3.8m, a dimension of 18m×8m×10m and a bag-type dust collector for purifying the air. It also has a 60s mixing cycle which ensures that the soil is evenly mixed for improved stability and strength. With its high performance features, the Beian WDJ stabilized soil mixing plant is the perfect choice for any construction project.


Support and Services:

Our Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant comes with a full range of technical support and services. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can provide assistance on installation, commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting. We also provide technical training and workshops to help ensure that users are familiar with the proper operation and maintenance of the plant. In addition, we offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients and to ensure that they get the most out of their investment.

We are also available to provide on-site service and repairs, as well as to answer questions and provide advice on best practices when using the plant. Our team of experts is always ready to help and we strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible.



Q1: What is the Brand Name of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant?

A1: The Brand Name is Beian.

Q2: What are the available Model Numbers of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant?

A2: The available Model Numbers are WDJ300/WDJ400/WDJ500/WDJ600/WDJ700/WDJ800.

Q3: Where is Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant made?

A3: Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant is made in China.

Q4: What are the features of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant?

A4: Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant is equipped with high quality wear-resistant steel plates, high efficiency stirring blades and automatic lubrication system. It is highly efficient and stable.

Q5: What advantages does Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant have?

A5: Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant has the advantages of advanced technology, simple operation and easy maintenance. It is energy-saving and eco-friendly.

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