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Foundation Free Mobile Soil Mixing Plant 90KW For Railway Projects

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Foundation Free Mobile Soil Mixing Plant 90KW For Railway Projects
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Product Name: Mobile Soil Mixing Plant
Output Rate: 300t/h 400t/h 500t/h 600t/h
Measurement Method: Computer Measurement
Control Method: Automation
Total Power: 90KW 100KW 130KW 140KW
Adjustment Method: Frequency
High Light:

Foundation Free Mobile Soil Mixing Plant


Mobile Soil Mixing Plant 90KW


Foundation Free stabilized soil mixing station

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beian
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Bare Packing
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: deposit, full payment before shipment
Supply Ability: 1-100 units/month
Product Description

Product Description:

The Foundation-free Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant is an innovative mixing equipment, and its greatest benefit is the compact work area that can be disassembled and transported to the intended job site with ease. This versatile device is popular because it can blend cement and the likes of stabilized soil, lime-stabilized soil, gravel-stabilized soil, and other such base-stabilized materials. Such a handy machine is suitable for roads, highways, railway projects, and bridge constructions that require a relatively smaller quantity of stabilized soil.

In comparison with other models, Clear Road Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant stands tall due to its user-friendly operation and higher output with low power consumption. Its warehouses are available in 2, 3, 4, and special custom-made options, so you can pick the one that’s most suited to your needs.



The introduction of foundation-free mobile stabilized soil mixing plant and horizontal cement silo:

1.1 Sensor with stable performance: the weighing unit adopts a high-sensitivity stainless steel pressure sensor. Compared with the traditional hinge sensor, it has less shaking, better stable signal and lower broken rate.

1.2 Batching scale with accurate measurement: The batching scale adopts the rear drive, which is more accurate in weighing compared with the front drive. The natural loose edge of the working surface on the belt reduces the impact of the belt tension on the weighing sensor, thereby ensuring the weighing signal more stable and accurate.

1.3 Flexible and accurate compensation method: The belt weighing unit composed of frequency speed conversion and professional computer and flexible and accurate measurement compensation method are adopted. Compared with the traditional volume measurement performance of slip speed regulation, the former measurement compensation is more timely and flexible; Accurate compensation makes aggregate ingredients more accurate; broken diagnosis alarm provided at any time can maintain the safe and continuous production of the entire equipment.

1.4 More practical conveying belt: The skirt belt is used to avoid the impact on the weighing sensor when the sidewall squeeze with the sand stones, so as to ensure that the data of the sensor is more real and effective, and the measurement is more accurate.

1.5 Professional qualification certification: We obtained the belt weighing measurement technology qualification certification issued by the Technical Supervision Bureau.

The foundation-free mobile water-stabilized mixing plant adopts a compact design concept and a reasonable layout, which greatly reduces the equipment working area; at actual operation, it has the advantages of simple operation, installation, debugging, and easy maintenance; by the terms of spare parts, we will selected Suitable and cost-effective accessories carefully,which could cut down your costs and create higher economic benefits. It is suitable for the construction of sub-bases such as roads, airports, railways as any grade.

Introduction of foundation-free mobile stabilized soil mixing plant and vertical cement silo:

2.1 The structure of the silo is compact, and it concentrates almost all the processes of stable soil production such as material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, unloading and automatic control system.

2.2 The machine operation interface is humanized, the working performance is reliable, and it can still work stably in various terrible environments.

2.3 The two-horizontal-shaft forcing mixer has strong continuous operation capability, comprehensive mixing track, strong stirring movement, and fast average mixing capability.

2.4 The Silo has Quadruple sealing design,which can prevents slurry leakage from the shaft head, with high efficiency and less loss, and it is easy to install and maintain.The whole set of equipment can be quickly transported to the construction site and assembled on site, and construction can be started without debugging.

2.5 It has high degree of automation, strong maneuverability, simple operation and good stability. The structure is solid while the space layout is compact and reasonable, which ensures flexibility and production capacity at the same time. The mobile water stabilization station occupies very small area and is easy to move between sites, which greatly reduces the amount of basic engineering.


Technical Parameters:



The main performance parameters of YWDJ600,500,400,300 foundation-free mobile stabilized soil mixing plant:

Parameter Model YWDJ300 YWDJ400 YWDJ500 YWDJ600
Output Rate 300t/h 400t/h 500t/h 600t/h
Measurement Method Computer Measurement Computer Measurement Computer Measurement Computer Measurement
Adjustment Method Frequency Frequency Frequency Frequency
Control Method Automation Automation Automation Automation
Weighing Accuracy(Aggregate) ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Weighing Accuracy(Powder Material) ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Monitor Rate 90KW 100KW 130KW 140KW
Total Weight 24t 24t 26t 26t
Total Power 90KW 100KW 130KW 140KW


YWDJ500-600 Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant



YWDJ500-600YWDJ500-600 mobile stabilized soil mixing plant Sub-item configuration table

Number Part Name Specifications quantity place of origin Remark
1 Complete machine
  • Rated production capacity:gravel sand 100~500t/h
  • Total power:120KW
  • Maximum particle size of mixing aggregate:60mm
  • Aggregate measurement accuracy:±0.5-1%
  • Powder measurement accuracy:±0.5-1%
  • Assembly form:Detachable
  • Working Area:20m*15m

Configuration:3 hopper and 1 bin

Aggregate hopper,the iron plate of the finished product silo adopts 5mm, the channel steel of the inclined belt conveyor adopts No. 18, the aggregate hopper and the legs of the mixer adopt 20 I beams, and the inclined belt adopts nylon belt.

The tray is made of 200*200 I beam.








Aggregate Batching System


Aggregate hopper


Iron plate adopts 5 mm model

3 Beian,Shandong Hopper width:3200mm

Vibrating equipment


1.1KW 3 Xinxiang,Henan
Grid sieve Reinforced sieve 3 Beian,Shandong
Belt scale

Measurement accuracy


3 Beian,Shandong
Belt scale roller 4KW 2 Zibo, Shandong
  5.5KW 1  
Pressure Sensor 150Kg 3 Bengbu, Anhui
Belt scale idler φ89×780 1set Beian,Shandong
Belt scale idler φ89×740 1set Beian,Shandong

Powder supply


Powder bin 70—100T 1 Beian,Shandong  
Dust removal Pulse bag No Beian,Shandong
Gate valve 800×800 1 Beian,Shandong
Gate valve handwheel 320 2 Beian,Shandong
Screw conveyor φ325×2700mm 1 Beian,Shandong
Screw motor 5.5KW 1 Beian,Shandong
Steel wire rope φ6-10meters 1 Beian,Shandong
Cloth bag φ325 2 Beian,Shandong
Screw electronic scale Φ325×1400mm 1 Beian,Shandong
Electronic weighing motor 4KW 1 Beian,Shandong
4 Control system Control room   1  

control method:

computer control,


water supply system


Submersible pump 2.2KW 1 Zibo, Shandong

Water mode:

frequency conversion

Pump flow 40m³/h 1 Beian,Shandong
Pipeline and accessories   1 Weifang, Shandong
6 Stirring part Blender   1 Beian,Shandong

Host type:

Double-shaft forced continuous

Motor 30KW 2 Kaiyuan
Blade High manganese alloy wear-resistant material 56 Weifang, Shandong
Reducer ZLY180 2 Zibo, Shandong
7 Storage part Inclined belt conveyor

Installation inclination


frame channel steel[18

1 Beian,Shandong

Doumen drive

Method: Pneumatic


storage bin

Unload hight:3100mm


Motor Drum 50100-15KW-2.5 1 Zibo, Shandong
Annular flat belt  



1000×5-21.5meters(nylon) 1 Hebei
Belt Conveyor Idler φ89×375 1set Beian,Shandong
Belt Conveyor Idler φ89×1150 1set Beian,Shandong
Vertical Idler   1set Beian,Shandong
Final storage bin


Iron plate adopts 5 mm model

1 Beian,Shandong
Vibrating equipment 0.5KW 1 Xinxiang,Henan
Electric bell   1 Beian,Shandong
8 Air system Electromagnetic valve 4V310 2 Zhejiang  
Motor Y132S1-2-5.5KWB3 1 Beian,Shandong
Air compressor 0.67/7-5.5KW 1  


Air cylinder


100×250 2  
9 Electric control system Electronics components   1 Chint Delixi

Electrical devices are optional

using 485 communication connection

Control System   1 Beian,Shandong
Host computer   1 Lenovo
Monitor   1 Lenovo
Inverter 3.7kw 2  
Inverter 5.5kw7.5kw 2  
11 Random accessories Specific tools   1 Beian,Shandong  
Instruction   1 Beian,Shandong
Circuit diagram   1 Beian,Shandong
Certificate   1 Beian,Shandong



Note: 1 Due to technical improvement,the origin of purchased parts and the model of technical parameters may be changed, but the functions are not worse than the existing ones;

2 The buyer needs to prepare the following facilities: the concrete foundation of the mixing station, the power supply to the power distribution cabinet of the mixing station and the water storage source of the mixing station; the mechanical oil required for the equipment, and the necessary lightning protection system in the mixing station.


The mobile stabilized soil mixing plant is designed for a wide range of construction needs such as highways, city roads, airports, and sports fields. It can provide high-tech mixing equipment to help meet these needs. It supports the usage of a variety of raw materials, including quicklime, slaked lime, soil, sandstone, fly ash, cement and other materials.

Through specialized production, it generates base materials such as cement-stabilized gravel, lime-soil stabilized materials, and compressible concrete. On top of that, the accuracy of the generated proportions is reliable and the proportion of the mixtures are uniform. All these factors make it a great choice for engineering construction work.


Support and Services:

Mobile Soil Mixing Plant Technical Support and Service

We offer a comprehensive suite of technical support and service for our Mobile Soil Mixing Plant. Our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable, and they are available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.


We offer professional installation services for our Mobile Soil Mixing Plant. Our technicians will ensure that your plant is properly installed and ready to use. We will also provide any necessary training and answer any questions you may have.

Repair and Maintenance

Our technicians are available to diagnose and repair any issues you may have with your Mobile Soil Mixing Plant. We also offer regular maintenance services to ensure that your plant remains in optimal condition.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is available to answer any questions you may have about our Mobile Soil Mixing Plant. We will provide you with detailed information and assistance so that you can get the most out of your equipment.

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